Knit Fabric Production Administrative Program

Knit Fabric Production Program


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Ortex Knitted Fabric Production Management Program is a multi-user, encrypted, Windows-based Knitting Production Tracking Program running on Windows Operating System, using Microsoft SQL database.

Ortex is an easy-to-use package program that allows the production stages to be followed in the easiest way in an enterprise producing knitted fabric.

Ortex Knitted Fabric Management Program is ready for stock and production tracking with barcode scale integration.

It also works integrated with our Net-X ERP Suite Accounting Program. In this way, you can operate all e-transformation processes (e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-Waybill and e-Ledger) on-line. You can implement the entire trade cycle from upfront cost to e-Ledger without the need for duplicate entry.

With Ortex Mobile, you can access the program online from smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems, and inquire about the order status.